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Powering your


to the cloud

Build and deploy even the most challenging cloud applications on budget and on time with an integrated team of architects, engineers and developers on your side.

Access to Certified Engineers

At Ally, you get access to Certified Engineers and Software Architects that can help you with the best practices in the industry.

People and Tools Preparation

Prepare your team to operate on the cloud efficiently after migration.

Compliance-Ready Architecture

Migrate your applications to infrastructure that is pre-built and audit-tested for multi-regulatory compliance.

Financing Incentive Programs

Get access to POC funding programs that fit your needs and budget.

Avoid Common Migration Errors

We help you see around corners based on our experience on cloud projects.

Use Agile Project Management

Ensure transparency and timely delivery of project milestones.

Where Are You On Your Cloud Journey?

I Need help With Cloud Planning
Cloud adoption should always begin with thoughtful planning and preparation. We will conduct a series of workshops with your organization to align your business objectives with your cloud strategy.
I Need Help With Migration
We understand how critical it is that your first cloud migration be an overwhelmingly positive experience for your organization. Building upon the planning and preparation theme, as we deploy your compute environment, we will give careful consideration to your existing performance benchmarks and infrastructure quantities and sizing to provision the appropriate resources in the cloud.
I Need Help With Cloud Security
Security operations in a scalable cloud environment requires a fundamental paradigm shift from a traditional on-premise or collocated model. If you simply migrate your existing security architecture tools and architecture into your cloud environment, you may sacrifice the benefits that drove you to adopt cloud in the first place. To avoid this, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your security posture, with scalability and cost management in mind. We will map all of your required compliance controls to specific measures in the cloud.
I Need A Scalable & Highly Available Environment
One of the chief reasons companies adopt cloud infrastructure is the promise of enhanced scalability and availability for their workloads. Many companies fail to achieve this promise due to application architectures that were not designed to operate in a cloud environment. We will examine your code architecture with specific attention to statelessness and service orientation. We will advise you regarding serverless deployment options as well as traditional virtual machine and container deployments.
I Need To Process Data At Scale
For most workloads, databases are the greatest impediment to scalability and cost savings. To achieve these important goals for your organization, scalable cloud services and low cost platforms are preferable to traditional vertically-scaled, proprietary platforms. We will conduct a thorough review of your data tier, separating hot reads, key value stores, log aggregation, business intelligence, and online transaction processing (OLTP). Your transformation team will recommend and execute on the appropriate service for each specific data operation to ensure high availability, low recovery point objectives, maximum scalability and performance, and maximum cost optimization.
I Need To Get Products To Market Faster
Competition has never been easy, but it has never been more rigorous than it is today. As your competitors move to innovate and to provide value to your customers, it is imperative that you do so with greater speed and agility while at the same time doing more with less. This requires automated “full-stack” workload deployment. The goal is to minimize the time and overhead required to move from idea to product feature and to maximize the time your engineering team spends developing value for your customer.
I Need Next Gen Operations In The Cloud
As you complete the paradigm shift to full cloud maturity, your Ally managed services team has the experience to take you to Next Generation operations on day one. We design our services to remove the risk and learning curve that any team must deal with when learning to manage in a new way.